Some testimonials follow below.

2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. rachcrompton says:

    I have trained with Ben for years. I am really glad he has decided to do this as he has such a lot to offer the world. Not only a dedicated student and practitioner of Budo, but one of life’s true “gentle”men. Do not mistake kindness for weakness. A formidable opponent and a wonderful friend. Enjoy his teaching, his passion and his generosity of spirit. Most of all enjoy the journey he will take you on….. A glimpse into the way of the Warrior. That is Bushido the Samurai way.

  2. Vaughan says:

    I feel qualified to comment on Ben’s ability as a trainer and as a public speaker, because I’ve had the good fortune to train with him as a student in martial arts (specifically Shinbudo – under Andrew Dickinson Sensei) for the past 5 or 6 years. I’ve also watched Ben develop into a highly skilled trainer in his own right, and we now teach together on a weekly basis, where I see him bring the best of his knowledge and insights to our students, week after week. His ability to take the “highly technical” and break it down into digestable chunks is testament to his deep understanding of martial arts as much as it is testament to his ability as a trainer and public speaker. Combine this with the fact that he is well organised and thoroughly prepared and you’ve got a world class package..!!

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