Course Program & Services

Corporate Samurai offers the following training courses and programs.

For further information on pricing and schedules please contact us.

Samurai Team Building

Samurai Team Building is our flagship course one day course.  The course is suitable for corporate and community groups of all types and is easily tailored to ensure your team building or planning needs are met.

Martial Arts CBD Retreats

Corporate Samurai runs a series of CBD based martial arts retreat programs which combine hard training, meditation, contemplation and self development for executives, professionals and high achievers.  The programs include:

  • The Art of Strategy based on the classic work by Sun Tzu
  • The Way of Discipline based on the writings of the samurai – Yamamoto and Miyamoto
  • The Way of Power based on the classic treatise on leadership Tao Te Ching

Professional Services and Tailored Courses

Corporate Samurai is available for discreet, independent and objective professional consulting services.

Our training courses and programs are scaleable and customisable for your business needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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