About Corporate Samurai

Corporate Samurai is dedicated to bringing the philosophy, wisdom and spirit of Asian martial arts and strategy to leadership and self-development in organisations of all types.

Corporate Samurai is a colloquial term for a person in business who exhibits a code of ethics.

A person in a conflict-oriented profession who follows a samurai-like code of ethics. This generally means limiting collateral damage (whatever that might be, depending on the profession), treating their job as ‘just business (not bringing personal animosity into competition),’ and respecting competitors in their profession. Coined as a part of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction…”  Urban Dictionary

Corporate Samurai delivers a range of martial arts based team building, goal setting and leadership courses including:

  • Samurai Team Building – a powerful one day course suitable for corporate teams to examine issues, set goals and objectives and break through obstacles to success
  • The Art of Strategy – a four part course designed to guide participants through the strategic journey combined with hard martial arts based training and meditation.  Based on the classic work on warfare and strategy by Sun Tzu
  • The Way of Discipline – a two day power retreat for executives combining hard martial arts training and meditation based on the classical samurai teachings of Yamamoto Tsunetomo and Miyamoto Musashi
  • The Way of Power – a guided reflection on the classic work of leadership Tao Te Ching

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